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Indiana Dental Prosthetics is committed to growing into the future. In order to provide better service to our doctors and produce even more accurate restorations, we are now utilizing the latest digital CAD/CAM technology to ensure your patients are receiving the very best—every time.

Stratasys Objet30 Dental Prime Printer

Using our Objet30 Dental Prime Printer we are able to fabricate all of our products in-house. By never outsourcing, our workflow is highly streamlined and utilizes precise 3D dental models for diagnostic wax-ups and removable partial denture casting patterns.


  • VeroDentPlus (MED690): Dark beige. Creates fine features and finish. Allows for strength, accuracy, and durability.
  • VeroGlaze (MED620): Opaque with A2 shading. Best color match in the industry. Ideal for veneer try-ins and diagnostic wax-ups. Medically approved for up to 24 hours in-mouth.
  • Clear Bio-compatible (MED610): Orthodontic appliances, delivery and positioning trays, and surgical guides. Approved for temporary in-mouth placement.

Dental Wings iSeries Impression Scanner

The unmatched accuracy of the iSeries Impression Scanner from Dental Wings helps us ensure exceptional fit for every single case. This scanner has an onboard computer, two onboard measuring cameras, five axis of movement, and a live video camera for previews.


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