Serving Through Innovation

Bob and Kathy Rusler started Indiana Dental Prosthetics, Inc. in 1994 with a vision to provide not just the highest quality restorations available, but revolutionize the industry with new products and services. Now at its fourth location, the laboratory plans to expand into education and the digital side of the industry.


In March of 2010, Bob patented the Snap Denture, a product that in 2014 would make him the proud recipient of the Harry Hagman Inventors Award at NADL’s Vision 21 in Las Vegas. Among his other creations is the Implant Retained Removable Bridge, a game changer for patients seeking a more hygienic solution with less palatal coverage. These restorative products are available only through Indiana Dental Prosthetics and are a testament to our commitment to serving the dental community through innovation.

Made Home

The smile is one of the first means of communication, Is your smile made in the U.S.A.? Ask your dentist about Indiana Dental Prosthetics, Inc. All products Made in U.S.A.

Working with Pride

We at Indiana Dental Prosthetics are proud to say we currently have 4 Certified Dental Technicians on site working hard at our dental lab!

Indiana Dental Prosthetics is also 1 out of the only 3 Certified Dental Laboratory’s in the state of Indiana and out of the few Dental labs in the United states, Indiana Dental Prosthetics are 1 out of the 182 National Association of Dental Laboratories(NADL) facilities in the entire country!

We are also part of a huge community of labs through the NADL working to bring you smiles and comfort. All products are made in the U.S.A. So, “What’s in your mouth?” is a campaign our lab is happy to be a part of!



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