Additional Services

Additional Services

At Indiana Dental Prosthetics, our service extends beyond the lab. We feel a restoration isn't complete until we've provided the personalized service your patients deserve. Take advantage of our free local pickup, same-day denture repair and reline, or chairside services to facilitate the transition to an implant system.

Chairside Services

When patients are converting from a removable denture to a fixed implant solution, Indiana Dental Prosthetics can help with the transition. While a surgeon is preparing the patient for a permanent bridge device, we can prepare the existing denture to function as a provisional until the implants have healed enough to support the final restoration.

Same Day Service

A damaged denture is both cumbersome and embarrassing for the patient. That’s why Indiana Dental Prosthetics offers same-day service for both relines and repairs. Any case we receive before 9:00 am Monday–Thursday we guarantee will be returned to your practice the very same day.

Overnight Service

Overnight service is a case received before 3:30 pm and returned before 3:30 pm the following day. If cases are required before Noon the following day, an additional rush charge will be added.

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