Communication Between Dentists and Laboratory Technicians

A questionnaire was sent to 29 laboratory technicians regarding prescription writing by dentists for single anterior maxillary unit metal ceramic prostheses. Sixty-nine per cent of the technicians responded and of these 40 per cent included copies of the typical prescriptions they receive. The results clearly showed that the standard of communication between dentist and laboratory technician is inadequate, although it has improved over recent years. The effectiveness of the Medical Devices Directive legislation was considered by reviewing the prescription sheets.

It was concluded that many technicians still rely on contacting the prescribing dentist by telephone to clarify instructions and are often forced to make decisions without the necessary information. The finer details of prosthesis construction were found to be the weakest area of prescription writing. Time pressure was deemed the single greatest impediment to a harmonious working relationship.

The recommendations of this paper are based on improving the levels of communication between these two members of the dental team. It is proposed that dentists should increase their awareness of the laboratory environment by maintaining closer links with their technicians. This would not only expand their understanding and appreciation of the laboratory environment, but also give the opportunity for discussing new developments in dental technology. Further undergraduate training in the area of laboratory prescription writing is also recommended.

(Taken from School of Dental Science and Dublin Dental Hospital)

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