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In an era of increased specialization, many dental laboratories lack the equipment, experience, or bandwidth to craft many of the classic removable restorations we hang our hat on. That’s why Indiana Dental Prosthetics has emerged as the region’s premiere outsourcing lab. We will work with you to deliver the right restoration for your client with a timeliness and professionalism that meets your standards.

Full Dentures

  • Acrylic Partial Finish
  • Duraflex Finish
  • Full Setup—Upper or Lower
  • Hi-Impact
  • Impak—Full or Partial
  • Partial Finish
  • Partial Setup
  • Soft Mouth Guard
  • Soft Reline
  • Upper or Lower Reline
  • Wire Clasp

Partial Dentures

  • Upper or Lower Framework
  • Unilateral (Mesh w/2 clasps)
  • Cast Mesh Strengthener


  • Base Plate
  • Base Plate with Rim
  • Cast Add-On and Weld
  • Custom Tray
  • Minimum Weld

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