Whatever the restorative need, Indiana Dental Prosthetics can fabricate a dental prosthetic to provide your patients a new reason to smile. Utilizing a wide variety of fastening systems, we are able to craft precision prosthetics to suit every indication. See a list of attachment products we commonly incorporate below, from traditional Hader clips to next generation nylon-coated ball-and-socket clips for the ultimate in ease-of-use and comfort.

If there's another attachment solution you prefer for your patients, give us a call at 1-800-636-3842. There's a good chance we work with that too!

Hader Clip with Metal Housing

Bar systems may be utilized for overdentures, removable partial dentures, and implant prosthesis. Rigid and resilient, bars permit free movement of the prosthesis to direct forces away from the retaining abutments to the supportive bone and tissue. Bars provide more stability and retention than studs with the additional benefit of abutment splinting.

Preci Clix

When less tooth reduction is required or retaining abutments are small, to avoid over-contoured intracoronal attachment abutments and/or pulpal exposure, the extracoronal Preci Clix is often an excellent option. Easier to handle for patients with limited manual dexterity and less prone to collect food, this attachment is frequently integrated into IDP restorations.

ERA Attachments

The ERA® is the response to the dental professional’s need for a simple, dependable and highly versatile attachment system for removable prostheses. ERA®s are the most popular resilient dental attachments prescribed today. Used in removable partial denture treatment, tooth-supported overdentures and implant cases, ERA® is an excellent attachment option for any patient.

IP/C Attachments

Rigid attachments are highly stable connectors with very slight movement in function. When abutment teeth are stable, rigid attachments are often the connectors of choice. Some can be used for segmenting fixed partial dentures to simplify future case conversion to a removable restoration.

Locator Attachments

The LOCATOR® Nylon Retention Insert pivots within the Denture Attachment Housing during insertion/removal, resulting in a resilient system that allows patients to seat their overdenture without damaging the components, even in the presence of divergence or convergence between implants.

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